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The links below will take you to the page on the service providers web site that gives their current call rates (links valid 15/11/2008).

VoIP Telephony Services.

Eircom Broadband Talk
Imagine - Voip Calling Rates
Perlico - Voip Calling Rates

Irish Fixed Line Telephony Services.

Imagine - Standard
Imagine - Anytime
Perlico - Home Phone Value
Perlico - Freetalk Anytime

Cable based Telephony Services.

UPC - previously NTL/Chorus

When looking at the calling rates for any particular provider - it is important to consider any other costs involved - e.g call set up charges or minimum call charges as these can actually make short calls quiet expensive.

When looking at packages then consider will your calling habits actually give you value for money - e.g if the total cost of your calls made at normal rates is less than the extra cost of having the package then you would usually be better off not having the package and paying the normal rates. Although it can take some effort to try and work this out - it can be very worthwhile as time goes by.

VoipCheap and VoipBuster are part of the same group but if you check the rates for the country you want to call there could be significant differences - especially calls to mobile phones!

Using the AVM Fritz! Box you could have both set up (up to 10 different SIP accounts actually) and then use dialling rules to determine which service is used based on the number dialled..
A virus on your PC can cause untold damage and, while usually possible, can take hours or even days of running various software packages to remove them

Prevention is a lot easier than the cure - make sure that your P.C is protected against the latest viruses, malware, adware and internet attacks

AVG Home Page

Max I.T recommend AVG Internet Security, Spyware and Anti-Virus products to protect your PC

If your P.C is infected and you can't remove it or you are suffering from the dreaded so called Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and don't want to lose all your data then give Max I.T a call. We have managed to restore systems where others gave up. In most cases we can also retrieve data from systems that won't start up - we even managed to do this on a system using hard disks in a RAID 0 configuration.
Contact Details - using VoIP technology we can offer you a few ways to contact us:

Phone Noel Dunphy on 086 809 0000 / 01 482 7106 / 076 602 1049 or email:
Blueface users can reach us at extn: 34129 (
VoipBuster users can reach us at njdunphy (
VoipFone (UK) users can reach us at 30120002 (

Calls made to any of the above numbers will be diverted to 086 8090000 by our own AVM Fritzbox
You use the most cost effective way for you to call - we pay for the call diversion using VoipCheap

You can also press this button and we'll call you (we pay all the costs)!

Max I.T, 36 Offington Park, Sutton, Dublin 13, Ireland

Please note that we do not sell products other than the AVM Fritz!Box VoIP and DSL products listed above